Café Frei

Café Frei's menu
Café Frei's menu

This is a lovely coffee chain that you have to try. There are a couple of shops in Budapest and across the country too. My personal favourite is the one in Váci utca, close to Fővám tér. It’s spacious, has comfortable chairs and working space, and a really charming style. Good for a Saturday morning meetup or if you are looking for a studying corner.
The Cafe Frei in Libri, Allée has its charm too. It’s in a book shop which gives it a friendly, homely feeling, but because of its location it’s almost always crowded. Once you get in and find a good spot to settle, you have a lot to discover on the coffee menu.

It offers you a variety of coffees from all around the world. It was founded by Tamás Frei, a traveller/news reporter who went around the world discovering different coffee types and ways of preparation. You have Italian, French, Latino, Arabic, American and Japanese coffee kitchen options, as well as European and exotic iced coffees.

Now I don’t have the chance to travel to Jamaica and check if what I got sold as Jamaican Latte is really how they make it there, but what I can tell you is that the spices and combination of flavours are really interesting and unique.

If you are more into classic taste, you can find americano or espresso italiano too, but even then, you might want to go for something just a little bit different that isn’t far off your taste, for example the V60 Japanese Black Coffee.

If you prefer sweeter coffees, you should try the Guatemalan Hazelnut Latte, the Costa Rica Coconut Macchiato or the Yemeni Spiced Mocha. Absolutely amazing!

As for the other options, you have hot chocolate, lemonades, shakes and Ice teas. You should try the cakes and croissant too. They even have paleo cake!

Café Frei's cakes
Café Frei’s cakes

Most coffees have decaffeinated options, some can even be made completely sugar-free. Also, you can ask for almond, coconut or soy milk as alternative; the baristas will be able to tell you which one goes better with the coffee that you chose.

You can buy a pack of coffee beans for at home too and they grind it for you if you ask. It doesn’t completely give back the café feeling but it’s nice to just mix it up a little bit sometimes and prepare yourself an African cappuccino to get ready for work. Of course if you are always running like me, you can just drop by in a Café Frei on your way to work and have a coffee to go 🙂

A selection of coffees arranged for sale in packages
Café Frei also sell beans
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