Good Spirit Bar

Good Spirit bar with various spirits in front.
Good Spirit - Veres Pálné utca. Photo courtesy of Good Spirit's Facebook page.

An eleven-year-old spirits boutique by day, and a one-year-old bar by night, the respectable opening hours of this classy watering hole reflect their target audience. Their location in the city centre is off the beaten stag-do track, contributing to their upmarket feel.

The bar’s comfortable chairs are few in number – a visit during the week will score you a better chance of landing a table. If you are lucky enough to arrive at the right time, a waiter will show you to your table, and return a few moments later with a bowl of salted popcorn. Unfortunately the popcorn tends to be a little on the stale side, but it’s a nice twist that caters to those with nut allergies.

After biting into the slightly chewy popcorn, your eyes will gravitate towards the menu. With over 500 spirits available, don’t forget your reading glasses – the names are written in a very small font. Pages of whisky (and whiskey) are followed by rums and gins and vodkas and other assorted spirits, and it’s easy to get lost in the choice and focus on the prices.

People gathered sitting at the bar in Good Spirit.
Good Spirit Bar – Veres Pálné utca. Photo courtesy of Good Spirit’s Facebook page.

True, prices are on the high side, but the service and the atmosphere merits a few extra forints, and the knowledge of the waiters is excellent. In fact, I’d recommend forgetting all about the menu and asking your waiter for a couple of suggestions based on what you normally like.

I’m not a big gin drinker, but when I asked for suggestions, the waiter patiently asked a couple of questions to find out my preferences, and offered three suggestions with down-to-earth explanations of what each one would be like. In a high-end place like this, I think it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by industry jargon (this one has a strong head, a full body, and is heavy on the aromatics), but the waiter avoided this beautifully.

He returned with a glass of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Bathtub Gin and a fancy tonic. The drinks here really look the part – it’s served with dried orange and black peppercorns in a large glass. This isn’t a review of the drink – but it would have five stars if it were.

Good Spirit Bar offer an outstanding range of drinks, served with care by friendly waiters who seem to know their stuff, but it does come for a price.

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