Tipple of the Week: Freaky Freaky

Freaky Freaky
Freaky Freaky

From Mad Scientist Brewery. These guys are the creators of some of the cities finest beers. At last count, they have ten brews to their name. At least that we know of.

Today, I’m going to talk about one of those. Namely Freaky Freaky. A collaboration with another unique brewery, Tuff Buzz. Freaky. A barely wine pumpkin IPA. It pours a slightly copper colour and comes in at a whopping 13%. A 1 DL glass (or 2) is all that’s required to fire yourself off like a rocket into the Budapest night sky.

Hopaholic had it on tap a week ago. I drank my fill two nights on the bounce. Labor (Mad Scientist’s own bar) also won’t be in short supply of the stuff.

Freaky, Freaky is crisp, sweet & quirky. A accomplished and perfect winter beer.