Istvánffi Veggie Burger

A wrapped veggie burger next to a portion of chips
Istvánffi Veggie Burger

There’s this burger place that I keep going back to. You know how you either feel or don’t feel like eating a certain thing or at a certain place – now what I noticed is that I never seem to not want to eat at Istvánffi Veggie Burger.

The ambience and selection doesn’t seem amazing at first glance. You have three types of patties that you can combine with different salad selections. All of those can be ordered with two patties (different ones, if you like). I have to be honest, I only tried the oat one as I like it so much that I don’t even want to try the others 🙂 So, from this point of view I don’t really mind the limited selection.

Empty seats in an upstairs gallery - modern and minimalist.
Istvánffi Veggie Burger

In its category, this burger is quite cheap; you can get a burger and fries for 1200 Ft. And those fries are just amazing!

I appreciated the little leaflet on the tables telling me all about the ingredients they use and I was quite surprised to see that they don’t use any sugar in their home-made almond sauce for example. I am missing gluten-free options though. I know it is quite hard to appeal to all diets and preferences, but it is definitely a layer that hasn’t been addressed. What I also noticed is that the fruit juice is not freshly squeezed and for that, it’s quite pricy.

A side on view of the burger, looking juicy and fresh.
Istvánffi Veggie Burger

All in all, I personally prefer this vegan burger place to others that I’ve tried, but I would assume this can be subject to heavy debates. For non-vegans I think this would be the place I would recommend as a first step into vegan cuisine, and I think they’d be surprised at just how good it is.

NB: this review is specifically for the Istvánffi on Király Pál utca. Istvánffi also have another location on the Buda side, west of Margit island, which is not the subject of this review.

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