SÖR – National Theatre Budapest

Three men stand performing a Shakespeare play, one dressed as a woman.

I was very happy to see an English speaking theatre play in Budapest: something rare and a cool programme to have with non-Hungarian friends.

The title is SÖR, an abbreviation that stands for Shakespeare Összes Röviden – Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). The acronym SÖR in Hungarian also means beer but needless to say, I guess it was probably the first word that you learnt here anyway.

I had some doubts before we went as Shakespeare plays can have so many interpretations, not to mention that we are talking about 3 actors staging all plays and all roles themselves. Sounds like something that can really go wrong.

Two actors play the suicide scene from Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet

And it didn’t! I couldn’t believe how funny it actually was. We laughed so much, and it is hard to win me when it comes to comedies in a theatre. I won’t tell you more about the play itself, you should see it yourself!

Don’t expect the usual theatre atmosphere, it is more relaxed and it is on a small stage in Nemzeti Színház. You might want to get tickets at least a month in advance as they sell fast. You cannot reserve a seat, it is based on arrival. You should try and sit in the first row if you can! They really did a good job here, the popularity shows as it’s been on show in Nemzeti for years now.

When and where can you see it? Tickets and more info here:


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