Tipple of the week: Havas & Tímár Franom (2014)

Franom in all it's glory. Credit to onlinebor.hu for the photo.

Let’s just start right in the middle. This is not an average red wine. This is not just a regular Cabernet Sauvignon.

This is the red wine that you are going to remember. It will burn into your taste buds and you will remember it until you sip it down again and again and again.

So, Franom 2014.

This great taste & vision was resting and aging 23 months in barrique barrels and comes with 14% alcohol.

This is the type of wine that you wish you would have known before the first cold winter night in Budapest.

As the temperature drops and you feel like you just want to have a hug from a nice, fullbodied red, this is the one you should go for.

Find it at Doblo Wine Bar (6550HUF/bottle) or online.