Tipple of the week: Balvenie 21-year-old Portwood Finish Whisky

The wondrous Balvenie. Picture from the Balvenie site.

In honour of Rabbie Burn’s night (every Jan 25th) our tipple of the week this time out understandably has to be whisky. Not just any whisky though. Balvenie 21-year-old Portwood finish is what we speak of.

The Balvenie Distillery was opened in 1893 and they have long since produced award-winning whisky’s for all palates.

This Portwood tipple is a cracker.

Copper coloured. A surprisingly straight forward dram with a stunning character. The finish might stay around a little too long for some but see it through and you will be rewarded.

One note of caution though. Good luck finding it in Budapest. Just kidding. You’ll get it in all the quality fine cocktail joints in the city.