Molnárka—a Hidden Treasure in the City Centre

beanbags and windowsill

In Molnár utca—a street lost in the shadow of Váci utca—lives a café called ‘Molnárka’. Guess where the name comes from…

It’s a little hard to notice at first as the door merges into the wall and it is semi-basement. You need to watch your step a bit because of the stairs and the door has had better days but in exchange I was greeted with a big smile and friendly words immediately as I stepped in. Not to mention the charming colours and amazing coffee smell. It really makes my day to come in here.

As I go forward to ask for my coffee I notice the great food selection: sandwiches, croissants, even fruit salads—the latter I miss from a lot of places. Looks like they thought of everybody, even people living or working nearby, as they offer a lunch menu too. The price range is average, I paid 600 HUF for a rice milk latte which I think is fair, especially considering that it is a really nice coffee. To have it here, I can choose from sitting at the vintage-like tables, beanbags, or even higher up in the windowsill with cushions, which is probably the best bit.

paintings and fireplace

A perfectly peaceful and comfortable spot to get some work done or contemplate about the world… or the decoration of the café 🙂 As I am sitting up here I notice the paintings, the reading corner and the fireplace. Looks like every little touch here is so well thought through.

It’s a shame they are not open on weekends and they close early, so unless I have a day off I have no chance to stay here longer or organise meetups here, which otherwise I definitely would. Because of this on most days this is a take-away place for me.

If your work or school schedule allows you to spare some time during the day, or you can work remotely you should definitely come here.