Tipple of The Week: Nanny State

Run for cover. The Nanny State.

It is, Saturday night and you’ve forgotten, haven’t you?

You’ve forgotten all about this week’s tipple.

You’ve forgotten to write it.

You sit down at your laptop, churn out this very piece and you just hope no one notices how late it’s arrived.

In last week’s tipple my colleague, Joe Innes made a very convincing case for Soproni IPA.

Although the craft beer purists out there may have smashed up their computers in protest, everyone else silently nodded and secretly agreed that Joe was right. Just don’t tell him I said this.

Well for all you pursuits get ready to toss that brand new 4K television out the window as my choice won’t exactly appease anyone.

Nanny State of Brewdog fame is this week’s tipple.

The three of you who read my dry January article will probably remember Nanny State.

You don’t? Ok I’ll fill you and everyone else in.

My tipple is a non-alcoholic beer (yes, I said it) like no other.

Like no other beer or like no other non-alcoholic beer you cry?

Well. It depends.

Nanny State pisses all over your average flat Hungarian lager. Just don’t expect it to rival a Punk IPA or the like. You will just go home sober and disappointed.

When you crack that cap off, the sweet hoppy smell will hit you instantaneously. You might almost be able to pretend it’s a real beer after the first few mouthfuls.

If you feel like a quiet night or just want a break from the hard stuff you won’t find a non-alcoholic brew this good. 8 different malts go into this thing yet it’s very easy going.

At 0.5% alcohol, Nanny State won’t get you pished but what this near beer will do is deliver a robust taste and a clear head in the morning.