Tipple of the week: Even more Jesus

The best around. Photo: By the author.

Fact. Even More Jesus is the best beer ever created. At least for this writer.

Brewed by Brooklyn based genius, Jarnit-Bjergsø under the Evil Twin banner this is a craft specialty well worth talking about.

Any 12% Imperial Stout that goes down like a dream is always going to win a lot of popularity contests. And by word, this has.

EMJ is an award-winning brew if ever there was one. The chocolate flavor stout pours pitch dark from a gargantuan 11.2-ounce bottle.

Everything that any exceptional beer could ever want is packed into these ounces.

Think chocolate fudge pudding dipped in acid and you are still no closer to imagining this unique taste.

Despite its obvious excellence, I tend to partake in an Even More Jesus once or twice per year.

It is a rare special treat that should not be ruined by over indulgence.

The last time, I enjoyed one was during the Christmas holidays. I got the brew from my office secret Santa. Who says capitalism is dead?

Where can you grab one? Try Hops or Hopaholic.

Do not let the sky high price of 4000k per bottle put you off.

It is accomplished… It is accomplished.

A free Even More Jesus to the lucky reader who can tell us where that quote is from. Without using google of course.