A warm welcome. Photo: Fekete.

Fekete is found directly across the road from ELTE University and whilst I strive (and often fail) to slowly sip a freshly roasted cappuccino I allow my mind to drift off to my naive and callow student days. Like many others, I’m sure, those days can be represented by three fleeting idealistic symbols: autumn, books and coffee.

Autumn might be the more obscure of symbols from the three so allow me to address it first and indulge why Fekete helps to capture that optimistic and inspiring feeling one gets when thinking wistfully back to those student days. You can enjoy most seasons in the back garden area which is airy, bright, contemporary but I prefer their indoor area. Almost like a guard of honour, trees line the streets of Múzeum Körút, the large windows of Fekete allow me to enjoy a framed view of these trees while enjoying the warmth and aroma of the coffee house. The cleverly crafted mezzanine provides me with a more lofty view to observe the students and their chunky scarves which, like the leaves on the trees, change with the seasons.

Coffee & cake. Photo: Fekete.


When the trees and students seize to entertain my thoughts I willfully battle the urge to browse the internet on my phone (Fekete do, of course, offer Wifi should I feel inclined!) and I contumaciously read my book. This habit would have served me better as a student but the calmness and placid feel of Fekete offers fewer distractions that would have most likely lead me astray many years ago. The stylishly whitewashed brick walls, the atmospheric Edison lightbulbs and the classic wooden furniture offer a perfect spot to read, slurp and even enjoy some of their health focussed snacks.

The most salient of all three mentioned symbols is indeed coffee. Although I used and abused it to aid last-minute essays and revisions, I now saviour it and I make it a ritual to hunt down the finest baristas I can find regardless of which city I visit. Fekete provides it all. The coffee is fresh, nutty, strong and stimulating, they serve it with care, charisma and charm. I have spent many happy mornings and early afternoons in Fekete and I would urge you, student or not, to make Fekete’s coffee a symbol of your time in Budapest.

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