MOL Limo

A MOL Limo car superimposed against a backdrop of Budapest.

After our review of GreenGo, I’ve been waiting to publish this review of their closest rival, MOL Limo. MOL launched their service towards the end of January 2018 with a fleet of 300 cars across Budapest.

Many of the pros of GreenGo are shared here—the freedom, the mobility, etc., but for a slightly lower price. The introductory half-price offer notwithstanding, rental comes out at 77 HUF per minute (compared to GreenGo’s 80 HUF) for those not on monthly subscriptions. On a monthly subscription, rental is reduced to 66 HUF per minute (compared to GreenGo’s 65 HUF), for the same monthly fee of 990 HUF, meaning a similar guideline should apply (if you’re planning on driving for more than an hour a month, the subscription comes in a little cheaper. For one-off users, MOL’s service is cheaper when stopped (15 HUF per minute, rather than 20 HUF), but for those with a GreenGo subscription, the prices are the same.

In short, the service area is more or less the same, and the pricing is very similar, with MOL being slightly cheaper for one-off use and GreenGo being slightly cheaper for those on subscriptions. Registration is essentially free for GreenGo users (the 4900 HUF registration is converted into balance on your account), but requires an in person visit to the office, while MOL’s process is simpler, but much more expensive (you pay 5900 HUF to register, which doesn’t get converted into credit).

MOL's coverage

Unfortunately for MOL, that’s where the similarities end. The app itself is prone to crashes. I’ve had repeated problems trying to unlock cars where a notice pops up telling me that I need to wait (but with no further explanation). There is no real ‘user on-boarding’, while GreenGo shows me illustrations and diagrams of how to get everything moving. The zoom level on the app is set too low by default, I don’t need to see cars three kilometres away—but when I do end up zooming in, the cars all seem to be further away than I would hope for. I don’t have the option to submit photographs as part of my acceptance/handover of the car. While MOL do have some of the Volkswagen e-Up!s which I raved about in the GreenGo review, the majority of their fleet are of the decomposed dinosaur burning Up!. It’s a nice enough car to drive, but the throttle response can’t match the e-Up! and I don’t get the same smug feeling that I’m ‘saving the planet’.

Fickle is a buyer’s mind—I have a feeling that MOL entering the marketplace with their Limitless Mobility programme might actually push more people into buying GreenGo subscriptions. Where I was happy before to pay 80 HUF per minute, I will now spend every one of those minutes counting the extra 3 HUF I could have saved. Now, it feels like subscribing doesn’t save me 15 HUF every minute, it’s saving me 18 HUF per minute. The maths now tells me that buying a GreenGo subscription makes sense after just 55 minutes rather than 60.

I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the app is a bit underdeveloped, considering the challenges with MOL’s Bubi system, but I really was expecting more from MOL on this one. For the time being, at least, I think I’ll be sticking to GreenGo.