Pulse Presents: Where to Meet Your Soul in Budapest

Budapest by night. Photo by the author.

Hi Jonathan, what’s up? So you did a silly thing again, you put yourself in awkward situations, you are angry with yourself and cannot talk it out right? I know you can’t, I see it in your eyes. Yeah, I see…

Come on maan, you need to talk about it. Look, I will give you few tips and where to go and face yourself. Trust me you will get on well, you are not thaaat bad. Jonathan is a good lad, you just need to know him a bit better. He just needs some help, you can do it. If you can’t help him, noone will, but really you need to pull him aside and talk.

Ok, I know it is not easy to talk with someone when you are angry with, it is the same when you are angry with yourself. But you should take a step, and being in a good environment will help you to do it easier.

Let’s say it is a lovely spring afternoon, the sun is shining among some fluffy clouds, warming your heart, but not calming down your anger towards Jonathan. Ok, let’s talk to him. Get off at Deák Ferenc metro station, get off now! Fuck! Doors are closing, I told you to fucking get off. You always do this, you reckless loser! Missing stops, getting onto the wrong buss, forgetting to check the bus number… Anyway, ok, this is not what we’re talking about now. You need to get off at the next stop then, Kossuth Lajos tér, there is a coffee shop at the exit. Get a drink, don’t worry it is on me. Yeah yeah; tea, coffee or whatever… Hell no; no beer, you just got drunk last night… Behave maan!

Bench by Tuna River. Photo: Google Maps street view.

Ok, now go down by the river and walk a little bit… Look at the river, flows so nice, doesn’t it? Look, there is a bench over here. Have a seat. Take a deep breath, take one more… But a deep one, like, get the smell of river that the breeze is bringing to you, and think. Talk to Jonathan, he is okaaaay, just a bit immature… It is your soul maaan, it is your soulmate… You need to get on well with him, you are living with yourself 24/7, you have to… You need to grow up, Jonathan, and not disregard your problems. Fuuuuck, coffee got cold, drink it. Okay, okay, it is not as good as the caramel macchiato you buy from starbucks, but still…

Ok, it might get a bit crowded and noisy here and if you want to smell the river a bit more, and go to a better peaceful place, there is a boat stop, on Kossuth Lajos tér. Take the D11 boat, think a little bit, and take deep breaths. Listen to Jonathan, talk to him. You will understand, he is not thaaat bad. Get off at the last stop, Kopaszi-gát. It is a very quiet peaceful place, isn’t it? Just sit somewhere and have a deeper talk with Jonathan. Looks like you are starting to like each other right? And this place is nice, isn’t it? You could come here for a picnic or something one day…

Kopaszi-gát Photo: Zab Tibor / Google Maps photos

It is getting dark, right? You want to go somewhere close to the stars and away from the city? I said ‘away from the city’ but don’t be afraid, it is not that far. Take tram 4-6 to Margit híd-budai hídfő stop and walk up the hill to Mansfeld Péter park. It is very quiet and has a great view, no? Also it is not difficult to get up to here, unlike the Citadella and Buda castle, so win-win. This is usually where I come to cry and wish I was never born. No, no just joking. Have a seat and face the city. Enjoy the skyline of Budapest and city lights, away from the crowd and noise of the city. But don’t neglect Jonathan, now you are getting on well, don’t you? You’ve been hanging out, for long hours now. It is good maaan. Now you take a step towards solving your problems, don’t hate Jonathan, things will be fine… You are in a great city, Budapest will help you to resolve your issues, by offering great places to meet your soul. Just try Jonathan. What? What the fuck are you doing? Ooh, yeah this is the best place to drink?

No, come ooon… What did we talk about?

Mansfeld Péter park Photo: Janos Budai / Google Maps photos