Tipple of the week: Magic Rock Cannonball

A can of the good stuff. Photo: Magic Rock site.

I came in like a cannonball.

This weeks Tipple is Cannonball IPA from the greatest thing ever to come out of Huddersfield.

Namely Magic Rock Brewing.

Established in 2011 The Magic Rock boys have since conquered the craft beer scene in The UK & beyond.

Luckily for us Budapest has not been spared the Huddersfield revolution.

Hunting down their signature Cannonball IPA may be a little tricky in the Hungarian capital but look hard enough and you will find it.

The usual suspects like Hopaholic and Hops will sometimes have CB on tap.

The last time I tried this stuff was last November in the basement of Hopaholic.

Some local beer shops stock the canned version.

As for what it tastes like.

Well. It is. Hoppy. Hazy. On the right side of bitter.

A word of warning.

Even at 7.4 ABV this brew goes down without much hassle.

After a few of these you might start to see the ghosts and ghouls that dominate the companies artwork.

Take it easy and rewards are aplenty.

Cannonball is a reliable IPA you can trust.