Polyhistor Pub Review

Beer boards. Photo: Polyhistor Facebook page.

Fast becoming the craft beer purist’s paradise, Polyhistor is something of a hidden secret in our fair city.

To get here, you’ll need to wander off Kiraly & onto Izabella.

Next. Head down a set of steep concrete stairs into a basement bar that could easily pass for a Kocsma if it were not for the brews on order.

In many ways, the fact that Polyhistor is more concerned with serving top quality Hungarian and International beers rather than looking like a hipsters living room is very refreshing.

It’s unpretentious.

They aren’t trying too hard to impress you with the decor.

Which is nice.

However the selection of ten beers on tap will blow you away.

Everything from Mikeller to Anderso Valley Brewing to Tempest and many more are all waiting to be snapped up.

The beer menu is forever changing.

Countless gleaming uvegs & their contents can be also be consumed.

Bottles, bottles, bottles. Photo: Polyhistor Facebook page.

Whatever your barely pop tastes you’ll find something that fits.

Now for a confession of sorts.

When I visited, Polyhistor I was on the (tap) water.

If you aren’t planning to drink anything alcoholic, then this is probably not the place for you (no shit).

They don’t even have so much as a Fritz-Kola.

Just come for the brews and you’ll leave happy.

As of now, the bar is filled with mainly in the know locals but that won’t last forever.

Once the word gets out, expect Polyhistor to be filled with inhouse hipsters, tourists, groupies, hangers on and ex-pats.

Get there whilst you still can.