Mon Café

So…I went to check out the newly opened café in our neighbourhood. I was looking forward to it being open as I saw the preparations as I was walking by every day.  I was wondering if it is possible to say anything new in the sea of cafés and tea shops in the Ferenciek- Váci- Fővám line. It is!

As you step in, the first thing you notice is a shelf full of well-organised selection of packs of coffee beans, teas, coffee makers, coffee books and keepcups. It is very original. Pleasure to the eye for those perfectionists out there, that nice selection is lining up in a perfect order, making you want all of them. I particularly like the idea of being able to buy organic and fair trade coffee in a café just around the corner.

The design is fascinating for me: it has a very neat, modern, minimalistic, black and white ambiance broken only by the colorful small items up for sale on the shelves and coffee books displayed in the window. The place is quite spacious, it has two floors, and if we go upstairs this is where it gets even more charming, sitting at the table by the railing, contemplating life and watching people passing by on the street.

The chairs are not particularly comfortable, although the wooden chairs and benches are not surprising, seems to be a conscious choice in a lot of new wave cafés around here; Madal and Budapest Baristas among others. It is part of the experience, part of the design, I suppose, and I don’t particularly mind it. If you have the chance to work from home, this is a great place to choose, as it is silent and allows you to concentrate, with inspiring coffee to help you carry on.

When you buy your coffee they ask you whether you prefer light or dark roasting, so it is up to your preference, I can recommend both of them. It is relatively pricey, especially if you have special tastes or dietary requirements (eg. asking for coconut milk or rice milk in your coffee).  For the food there are vegan and paleo options and they have information available about allergens. You can also choose from a wide variety of sandwiches and croissants too, as well as smoothies. I would say it is a great choice for coming for breakfast. I tried the paleo chocolate-blueberry tart and the ‘mindenmentes’ (everything-free) brownie and I was happy with both of my choices. Later on they are planning to introduce breakfast menu options, looking forward to checking it out.

Between the first and second time I came here recently, I noticed some changes in the service and selections, it is still shaping.  I think it’s already a lovely place, and I am planning to come here every now and then to see where it develops.