Tipple of the week: Mango Bay

Mango Bay by the bottle. Photo: From The Mad Scientist site.

The spring is back.

We are all outdoors again & lapping up the soft, hazy days that make this city so, so special.

As always for our Budapest kert adventures we need a perfect craft beer sidekick.

Step forward Mango Bay by our favorite brewery Mad Scientist.

The mad lads probably deserve the mantle of Hungary’s best artisan hop hero’s and we will never tire of saying that.

At least I won’t.

The rest of the Pulse office are probably on their way round now to beat me to death with a blunt object.

I, digress.

So, what about the beer itself?

Mango Bay is a 5.2% milkshake pale ale.

The brew is sharp.


With a sweet kick of refreshing fruit.

The pint pours. Yellow. Hazy.

It opens & explodes with a massive rush of oh so delicious citrus.

The best place to enjoy this bad boy is out at Romai Part.

Precisely where is not even up for debate.

Nap bácsi serves, MB in exquisite chilled glasses.

This is the plan.

Grab your city speedster & hurtle down the Danube.

Fight for a deckchair on the fake beach.

Wave at the triumphant rowers as they pass.

Repeat every few days until the spring and summer is gone.

I spent many a time out here in 2017, quietly sipping on a pint as the yellow buttery sun beat down.

Amiable dogs ran lose, dunking their heads in the river and approaching strangers for a playful race.

It’s an effulgent setting that sits perfectly with your drink.

Mango Bay is the ideal tipple of springs past. Present. & future.

Get on it.