Tipple of the week: Aperol Spritz

Like a sunset in a glass. Photo: Getty Images.

Have you ever had the feeling you just needed a drink after work?

You know not the regular beer or wine but a fancy one?

In this case I have good news for you.

If you’re up for a little liquid bitter-sweet journey in your mouth, this article takes your tastebuds there.

First things first you should know what you drink.

It’s always good to be informed right?

I don’t just mean with drinks but also in life.

Let’s just start with the drink from my side.

The rest you learn is really up to you. ?

So, Aperol Spritz is a mixed drink which became popular in 1950s Italy.

However Aperol itself was invented by the Barbieri Brothers in Padova in 1919.

It has only 11% alcohol which makes it incredibly smooth and more versatile then Campari for example. (Campari and Aperol are quite similar but there are World’s tearing them apart if you ask me)

For the taste:

It’s like a sunset in a glass.

It is slightly astringent.

Orange and mandarin notes mix in the nose.

It has woody body notes, it is bittersweet and lightly salty with a pinch of vanilla.

The velvety and rounded texture has a very special herbal and roots bitterness which makes it very special and very likeable at the same time.

It shall be served in a wine glass with large ice cubes (which is important for the drink’s slow dilution) and a black straw.

For the more economical solution opt for the rocks glass then you don’t need to pollute the Earth with one more straw.

You can make it at home like this:

3 parts chilled and dry Prosecco.

2 parts Aperol

1 splash of Soda Water.

Serve it with ice and garnish with a slice of Orange.

Alla vostra salute. Cin cin.