Tipple of the Week: Bornem Dubbel

A Belgian classic. Photo: Brouwerij Van Steenberg site.

This weeks Tipple is Bornem Dubbel.

I last tried this monastic style double beer around three to four years ago.

It came as an unexpected Christmas gift.

Last weekend, my girlfriends grandfather came bearing a bottle of this stuff as well as a Piraat (10.5%).

Little did he know that I am not drinking at the moment but that familiar blue & yellow label brought back some nice memories.

I will let you in on a secret. Belgian beers are not always my cup of tea but this brew, smashes most of the competition to pieces.

Bornem Dubbel is a dark oak, classic Belgian brew.

It pours copper.

At 7.2% you’ll be surprised at how drinkable this stuff is.

No beer with that volume of alcohol should be so enjoyable. 

Dubbel is malty, exciting & sharply sweet. 

Available from all good bottle shops in Budapest.