Rajkot Palace

decoration Rajkot palace

We were really excited to come here the very same day it opened. It was also fairly easy to notice that it is ready to receive us given Rajkot is in our block. I wonder if we are being watched and targeted as two curry addicts who order Indian food all the time and now they placed a restaurant right next to us.

As we step in, I target the gallery, the place I knew I was going to sit in already when I watched the preparations through the window, way before opening. The decoration is elegant, classy, very well thought through.

The owner greeted us as we sat down and talked about the history of the place. This is the little brother of our already favourite Curry House. At this point we knew we were up for some great curry.  We were not disappointed. We ordered Daal Tadka and Lamb Delhi Masala. The fine dining bit is true, but with actually quite moderate prices. The selection is good even within the vegetable curries, although I miss some classics like Punjabi Chole.

We got to see the basement bit as well, which I believe makes it suitable for events to be organised there too.

The music played is international, to the extent I even heard a Portuguese fado while eating there, which was surprising, but It works. It all does: the decoration, the music, the lights, the food, and the service.

All in all, thank you for moving into our house and giving us this endless access for curry.
For those who are not as lucky as we are, don’t worry, it is so very city centre that you will get here very easily.

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