Tipple of The Week: Gentle Bastard

Gentle Bastard. Photo: Horizont site.

This week at The Pulse offices we are drinking and indulging in the great Gentle Bastard.

This IPA is brought to you by Horizont. 

A local craft brewery that despite perhaps not being all that glamorous still continually deliver knock out beers time and time again. 

When I call Horizont unglamorous I don’t mean that as a dig. 

It’s just there are more alluring hop heads out there.

Despite Horizont’s brilliance it is sometimes all to easy to forget about them when ordering a brew. 

It might be the clean but uninspiring labels. 

Who knows?

It certainly ain’t their beer as that stuff is in the main terrific. 

What to make of Gentle Bastard? 

Well it’s petulant.


 A little minatory. 

A delicate bitterness arrives shortly after the first mouthful.

At 6% there is just enough bite to keep your head off the table.

Gentle Bastard is something we should all drink more of. 

I most definitely intend to.