Tipple of the week: Tempest All the leaves are brown

With Budapest Beer Week still in full swing, we thought it would only be fitting to stake our next tipple on another visiting brewery.

As a Scottish native naturally I was always going to pluck for something by Tempest from Kelso on the Borders of my fair Island.

Brewdog are in town too but seeing as I’ve already written about them on here, it was Tempest’s turn for some Pulse action.

So without further ado, your Friday and Saturday night tipple is All The Leaves are Brown.

This beer is more Womack than The Mama’s & Papa’s.

A brown ale that comes in at a knock out 10.5%, All the leaves is a brew that could all so easily pass for a dessert.

You will be forgiven for pulling out a blunt spoon to devour this one, people.

Unlike most dessert’s though despite it’s high volume of alcohol, you will return again & again until there is nothing left.

Inside your glass you’ll find hits of maple syrup, caramel & my childhood favourite treacle.

I’ve been known to smash open the odd can of Tate & Lyle in my time.

If Tempest had been around in my youth they would have saved me a lot of effort & beatings.

All the leaves are brown is a stunning reminder of home and a quite remarkable ale.

I don’t expect this one to last long that long at beer week.

Come early and come ready.

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