Római: A Guide for you and your dog 

Római. Photo: By the author.

Budapest’s long hot summer can be very tiresome if you have four legs and are covered head to toe in fur. Perhaps a dip in the Danube, on a warm Saturday afternoon, is the perfect solution to cool down our overheating canine companions. 

Popular with locals and dog owners, Római part – or Roman river bank, is only a short drive, cycle or boat trip from the centre of Budapest. The waterfront is lined with traditional eateries selling fried fish, langos and cooled beverages. 

The sea shore itself is a shingle strip along the river front, big enough for sunbathing and picnicking, but cosy on a busy weekend. Dogs are free to run and splash in and out of the shallow waters edge. Even for water-phobic dogs like ours, the cool river was enticing enough for a quick dip and roll about in the wet sand. For the more adventurous types you could hire out a kayak and test your sea legs out on the river. Just be careful not to crash into any of the larger container ships travelling up the strip towards the city. 

Being vegan, I did not sample any of the fried fish being served in the many restaurants perched higher on the bank. However, most were filled with people enjoying what looked like very sizable portions of fried fish, fresh bread and the odd slice of pickle here and there. Instead, we stopped slightly further along the river at Két Rombusz, complete with two vintage buses transformed into bars, the garden provided the perfect spot to relax, enjoy cool lemonade and give our four-legged friend time to recharge his batteries after his swimming adventures.