Budapest’s Best World Cup Spots

The World Cup. Photo: Getty Images.

The World Cup kicks off in a few short days and we are pretty bloody excited in The Pulse offices.

Despite Scotland failing to qualify again & Joe not really being into football, Budapest Pulse is buzzing.

Pulse is so ecstatic that we decided to make a list of the best places in Budapest to catch the games.

Check out below where we (and by default you) will be taking in this year’s competition.


Yeast. Photo: Getty images.

Pulse caught up with Élesztő’s head honcho, Bart Daniel a couple of weeks ago for an in-depth interview (read that here).

Beside it being one of our favourite bars, this is an ideal spot for those who love craft beer & football.

During the finals, Yeast will be showing all the matches on five screens scattered throughout the venue.

So head on over to the 9th district.

Choose from one of the 22 beers on tap & lap up the football the way it is meant to be seen.

House Bar

A home away from home. Photo: House Bar.

Full disclosure.

Gabriel a very good pal of mine runs this place.

Even if he didn’t, House would still have made it onto our list.

A Home away from Home, this ever-growing popular watering hole welcomes expats from every corner of the globe.

With three floors, you’ll find a nice cosy spot to watch all the footie action.

Don’t panic about the heat.

The bar now has aircon.

It’s a perfect place to cool off, sip some chilled beers & tuck into tonnes of great Argentine bites.


A craft beer Mecca. Photo: Kraft Festival.

This joint is for the more adventurous amongst us.

Located deep in the heart of middle Earth (District X), finding Fodzepark will be one hell of a journey.

Jump on the yellow number 28 tram (I’d never heard of it as well) & rattle through districts & places you wish didn’t exist.

Then step off the tram into what seems like a concrete ghetto but is concealing, Budapest’s best kept craft beers secret.

Amongst the rows of factories, Monyo, Hoptop, Horizont & Mad Scientist can be found preparing their delightful selection of brews for the Budapest public.

The big four will be serving top malts as a multitude of screens display the World Cup.

Stretch out, tip your glass to the cerulean sky & relax.

Well worth the journey.


Outside Samuel Beckett’s. Photo: Beckett’s.

Easily the city’s best Irish pub Beckett’s belongs to the welcoming, Declan O’Callaghan.

Situated in the heart of district 7 at Liszt Ferenc Ter the bar is sure to be packed out all summer long with or without the football.

During the domestic season, you will find this writer at Becketts taking in all the Glasgow Celtic action, Heineken 0.0% in hand.

They offer excellent football food.

The grub is hearty, delicious & exactly what you need.

Order up a Guinness, a Kilkenny or Liverpool FC’s Adam Bogdan’s own lager collaboration with Monyo Brewery, Red Viking (read more about that here) & cheer on your team.

Liberty Square

57 channels & nothings on. Photo: Getty images.

I spent most of Euro 2016 here, politely cheering on Hungary as flares & chants of Hun burst through the hazy air.

Surrounded by beer & food trucks, Liberty Square is a favourite of most football fans in the city.

There are two gargantuan screens on either side of the park, so you will be doing well to miss any of the action.

Don’t want to pay 700 for a beer?

No problem.

Bring in your own tinnies (cans).

Crack them open & enjoy the show as the sun beats down intensely.


All your old friends. Photo: Kisrablo.

The only bar on this list that is over on the Buda side, Kisrablo is a top-notch tavern for all your football needs.

Owned by another friend of mine Zoli, (I know a lot of people) this relatively new & exciting joint attracts expats & locals alike.

Zoli is a Chelsea diehard which means that football has a prominent place at Kisrablo.

Packed with high definition screens & an army of chairs, Kisrablo is already one of Pulse’s favourite sports bars.

The best thing is these guys have three Synthesis beers on tap.

How many expat pubs can say that?