World Cup Guide: Group C

Christian Eriksen in action. Photo: Getty Images.

Pulse spoke to eight football fanatics on their countries respective chances at this years World Cup.

All eight of our new writers play (or used to) for the local football club, Budapest Celtic.

Karsten is a sports journalist who is based in Copenhagen.

What are you earliest World Cup memories?

I remember Argentina in 78. Too young to remember the actual football but I remember the confetti!

What can we expect from Denmark?

A well-organised and physically very strong side.

Christian Eriksen is not just the key player but maybe the most important player for any team in the WC. Without him, Denmark is a very mediocre team.

Who are the key players in each group C side?

France have so many, it’s hard to say. Amazing squad! Australia’s best player is probably Jedinak while Peru’s is their ageing striker Guerrero

Which two sides will qualify from the group?

Definitely France and then either Denmark or Peru. I’m leaning towards Denmark.

Who will be the star of this competition?

Sergio Ramos. Very talented bastard.

When the competition is over who will emerge triumphant?

Spain. Best keeper. Best defense. Best controlling midfield.

What annoys you most about the World Cup?

Too much European dominance. Would be great to see Brazil or Argentina win.