Four More World Cup Watching Spots

The big kick off. Photo: Courtesy of Fifa.

The response to our original World Cup Spots list (here) was pretty cool.

So we figured there was still time to throw in a few new joints.

Kick off is today at 17 pm CET.

Until then check out below.

Kispipa Craft Beer & More

Beer & snacks. Snacks & beer. Photo: Kispipa.

This is a place that deserves a whole lotta of your veneration.

Not just for the cool name (it means small pipe by the way) but the outstanding craft brew on tap, by the bottle & in the can.

We will pull a full review out for Kispipa sometime in the future.

For now if you fancy a unique locale to scream your countries national anthem during The World Cup – look no further.


Dive, dive, dive. Photo: B-City.

A dive bar in every sense of the word, B-City is a couple of minutes walk from Oktogon.

It’s cheap, not very cheerful but get fired into the beer by the bucketload & you can’t go wrong.

Certainly a waterhole to hit up if you want a quiet drink in a darkened room during the football action.

Neked Csak Nyolc

A Corvin Craft Dream. Photo: Neked.

Not to be confused with it’s bigger brother, Neked Csak Nyolc has 8 taps of quality craft beer & a tiny screen to cram around when the football actions kicks off.

A large terrace & energetic staff await your arrival.

Walk through Corvin Plaza & you’ll find Neked not far from the other end.


Outdoor action @ Rombusz. Photo: Rombusz.

As my Serbian friend’s hero, George Micheal once sang ‘’let’s go outside” for our final spot.

Rombusz is an outrageous little kert stuck at the bottom of Raday (not on the 4/6 side. On the metro three horror replacement end).

Still don’t let that put you off.

They are stacked to the rafters with Pilsner’s & the odd bottle of craft.

A nice bar to cool off as you take in the game & hide from the sun.