Tipple of the week: Rosé 2017 from Tamás Günzer

Chilled. Photo: Günzer site.

Airy but cheeky.

Pink & bubbly.

But let’s start from scratch.

This is how your best Hungarian rosé experience is made…

Günzer’s vineyard lies on the nicest soils of Villány.

In late summer they are harvesting the different types of red grapes.

The grapes are smoothly crushed and left to macerate for a couple of hours or even days.


They are separated from the must (this is the solid part) and they go into huge, stainless steel wine barrels.

The barrels are kept at a very even temperature.

The fermentation and the whole process is generally quite quick (there are no long barrel times, aging times)

That means not only is this Rose cheap to make, it is also damn cheap to buy.

But be careful.

You must always look for the vintage and buy the freshest.

In this case that’s 2017.

Check out the how-it’s-made part here

So, after they the wine is bottled.

You buy it.

Most importantly.


Ideally at 12 degrees.

Please never cool it down below 10 degrees,

Anything under that and the wine is just not enjoyable.

So, if you and your nice pinky company are chilled you pop it up, while you can hear this nice psst sound.

And there you have it.

Your fully boomingly tutti-frutti experience.

Günzer added a little extra Co2 to the game so it instantly bubbles the fun.

If you wanna spice it up a little more you can make some fun cocktails from it.


Cocktails can be made from this too.

With rosé you don’t have to worry.

You can mix & pimp it up however you want.

Make it a raspberry-rosé spritzer or herbal-lemon spritzer (pairs good with basil).

Last time out, I added some cherry ice cubes to mine…

You gotta love the cherry season.

Enjoy yours tonight.

Slay the rosé.