Tonight @ Bem Mozi: Aliens (1986)

This time it's war. Photo: IMDB.

Growing up in 1990s Glasgow I was a bit of an action movie junkie.

I’d head over to the video truck (a makeshift rental store in some guys caravan) & leave with armfuls of VHS.

I watched everything that Hollywood could muster.

The louder, the better.

A cacophony of noise would explode through my solidly working class living room (I am from the streets) & I’d yelp in utter delight as Arnie blew away yet another cardboard villain.

Looking back.

What the hell was I thinking?


Now, I wouldn’t give any of these films the time of day.


That’s not strictly true.

There is one action movie that still fascinates me.

That film is you guessed it?

James Cameron’s, Aliens.

A sequel to the utterly terrifying haunted house chiller Alien that was released seven years prior.

After the success of the original it wouldn’t take much to balls up this one.

Don’t believe me?

Just take a gander at Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Promethus (the most infuriating in the franchise) & Alien Covenant.

All of those are complete disasters.

As for Aliens? Well it’s a classic in it’s own right.

The story looks something like this.

Ellen Ripley the lone survivor of the Nostromo returns to Earth after almost sixty years in hypersleep.

Explaining to her employer (the Weyland-Yutani Corporation) that the Nostromo’s entire crew was wiped out by an Xenomorph, Ripley leads a team of colonial marines back to the moon LV-426 .

Their mission is to destroy any surviving Extraterrestrials.

Mayhem & chaos ensue.

A script packed with such classic lines as ‘Game over man, game over” & Get away from her, you bitch” rattles along at a breathtaking pace.

The two hours twenty minutes running time hurtles by.

Cameron directs with reassuring brilliance & it is to his eternal credit that the movies special effects hold up over thirty years later.

Aliens is relentless, indelicate & jaw dropping.

Fun Fact:

Paul Reiser plays the glib & finalge Burke. Reiser who did a Richard Simmons & disappeared for a few years resurfaced last year as an overly protective scientist in Stranger things 2.

Aliens will be screened tonight @ 8.30pm.

Tickets are 1000 Huf.