Incoming: Japandroids Live @ A38 – July 4th

Japandroids smashing it. Photo: Gettyimages.

From Neil Young to Arcade Fire, America’s less boisterous little brother Canada has given us some of rocks greatest heroes.

Then there are the bands that most people don’t know.

Hailing from Montreal, The Stills dropped perhaps the most under appreciated indie debut albums of all time with the release of Logic Will Break Your heart.

Two records later & they were gone.


Into absolute & utter obscurity.

They were not deserving of that fate.

Sometimes I think that a group like Japandroids could go the same way.

That would be a damn shame as this indie rock two-piece (Brian King, guitar/mic & David Prowse drums) are worthy of all our attention.

Maybe I worry too much.

Their sophomore effort, Celebration Rock was released in 2012 to near universal acclaim.

It took the British Columbia boys another four years before album number three dropped.

Near to the Wild Heart of Life (2016) didn’t go down as well as the previous two efforts.

Despite everything.

Despite Wild Heart’s peculiarities where we as an audience perhaps to blame?

We didn’t really want the band to grow up.

Speaking personally, they represented a lost youth that we could all identify with.

We were a little shocked that the band’s sound was now (slightly) more mature & wee bit more radio friendly.

We wanted them to forever lament over wet hair & getting out of bed to drink with friends.

It was on us.

We had a better version of Japandroids.

All that was necessary was for us to embrace them.

That’s what I intend to do next week.

The A38 is in so many ways a perfect setting for the band.

They thrive in small, confined spaces.

Japandroids are frenetic, fearless, stripped down & stylistic.

They will rip the Budapest sky apart.

Japandroids play A38 on July 4th.

Tickets are 3500 Huf.

Get yours Here

In the meantime