VeganGarden Review

VeganGarden. Photo: By the author.

Tucked away on the edge of Klauzál tér there is a new haven for the cities vegans, vegetarians and even those who just fancy a little less meat in their diet.

Vegangarden opened its doors this May and appears to be not only the first vegan food truck yard in Budapest, but also worldwide.

You can find this slice of plant-based goodness that lives side by side at Rácskert, Dob Utca, in Budapest’s vibrant Jewish District.

Offering, fast, fresh and healthy food choices the food trucks in this yard provide an alternative dining experience to some of the other food vans around the city.

The smaller menus result in high-quality food choices from venders including the well-known vegetarian restaurant and confectionary outlet Napfenyes; burger trays from Las Vegans; and original takes on classic Mexican specialties from Vexicana.

Las Vegan’s try. Photo: By the author.

Popular with both locals and tourists enjoying the gardens relaxed atmosphere, the Vegan Garden offers more than just an al fresco eating experience.

With recyclable cups, trays and cutlery the garden promotes a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Attached to the yard itself there is an urban garden providing space to recycle and compost food waste on site, proving there is really more than meets the eye here.

Perfect for both a quick lunch or evening out with friends, VeganGarden has a lot on offer.

Popular dishes include a vegan twist on the Mexican favourite chimichanga and deliciously thick creamy corn soup.

JB enjoying his soup. Photo: By the author.

There is even a vegan ice cream stall selling dairy free alternatives made from vegan coconut yoghurt.

All in all, VeganGarden ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to the vegan ideal … ethically sourced foods, health & nutrition and environmental sustainability.