Tipple of the week: Bushmills Black Bush

Mellow. Photo: Bushmills.

This week’s tipple is Bushmills Black Bush.

I was introduced to this wee dram by my Indian friend, Dennis.

Dennis is the only man outside of Caledonian who can drink whiskey for fun.  (Yes, I am well aware that Bushmills hail from Ireland, albeit the North).

Any recommendation of Dennis’s has to be taken seriously.

I was frankly a little embarrassed I didn’t know Black Bush.

Everything about it, from the feel of the bottle to sound of the cap being removed transfixed me.

Here’s what you need to know.

Any bottle of this stuff is eleven years in the making.

Triple distilled in cherry caskets.

A decade & twelve months later it’s all yours.

This is a pretty easy-going whiskey.

I’d even go as far as saying this.

It’s the non-Scotch drinkers malt.


Soft cherry & vanilla notes.

You’ll barely notice the finish.

A liter of this stuff will set you back about 10K.

The whiskey snob in you may not be able to reconcile with that.

Don’t worry.

Not every whiskey has to be from the top shelf.

There are dozens of great ones in between.

If you’re a hardened whiskey drinker.

Chances are you’ve crossed paths with Black Bush at some point.

For those just starting out on their single malt journey then I suggest letting this one into your life.

Go on.

Get over to all great spirit bars & order a glass.

Be mesmerized.