Running in Budapest: A Guide for you and your dog

JB running. Photo: By the author.

Budapest is the perfect city for runners, whether you are a beginner or seasoned marathoner there are several different locations perfect for pounding the streets and racking up the miles. Of course, like most things, exercising is more fun with a friend so round up your four-legged canine companion and head out to some of our favourite running spots:

Margit Sziget

Extremely popular with joggers and running groups, the 6km sprung track circles the entire perimeter of the island. Best avoided during 4-6pm and Saturday and Sunday mornings if you want to take your dog with you, so you don’t trip up fellow joggers. The track has several water fountains and a couple of outside gyms dotted along its course providing the opportunity to take a break and keep yourselves hydrated.  Fewer people and cooler temperatures make early mornings the ideal time for running here with your furry companion.

Follow the Danube

The pedestrianised boulevards that run along either side of the Danube make an excellent jogging trail. The occasional breeze off the Danube is also a welcome addition during the summer months. Perfect for challenging your distance as you can pick and choose which bridge you want to use to cross back over the river. If your feeling up for a challenge pretty much the whole distance from Marigot Hid to Petőfi Bridge is pedestrianised and suitable for running. Keep dogs on leashes to avoid other pedestrians and bikers.


The wooded trails that sit at the peak of Buda’s hillside are great if it’s off road training you are interested in. Plenty of well-marked pathways twist their way through the forest. The tress provides excellent shade cover with only dabbled sunlight filtering through and the breath-taking views act as a great reward for all your effort. Dogs are mainly free to run off leash providing they return when called. Depending on your fitness level there are trails for all abilities, if you’refeeling adventurous I would strongly recommend venturing off the spring track that runs from the 21 bus stop at the lookout tower and take a more varied route through the woodland itself.

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