Tipple of the Week: Hopster Balkezes

The Hip Hopster. Photo: Balkezes.

I first tried this IPA from Balekzes back in 2016.

Standing at a crowded Hops on Wesselenyi Utca, I asked the barkeep to recommend an ale for me and my thirsty crew.



What am I from Brownsville now?


The barman shoved a bottle of Hopster in my hand & I had a few wee nips.

Let’s get back to that later. 

Going back over the old tipples, I am stunned to see that we’ve never covered Balekzes.

The name is quite the mouthful (it means left handed). We’ll get over it. 

Balkezes are guerilla brewers in the best sense of the word. 

The only thing that truly matters though is whether or not they make knock out beers, right?

And by God they do. 

Peeping Tom & Greyjoy are amongst the finest brews, Hungary has to offer. 

What about Hopster you cry?

I am getting to that. 

Well in my opinion, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better IPA this side of Europe. 

After you read the wee story on the back of the bottle (it’s hilarious), you’ll find the beer pours a vigorous hazy yellow. 

On first taste this IPA can be a little cloying but it soon balances the fuck out.

The sweetness gives way to a light bitterness. 

You’ll be amazed at how much of this stuff you can drink.

It doesn’t taste like 7.7%  abv is packed into your glass. 

To Balkezes, we are sorry we took so long. Please forgive us. 

To the rest of you.

Do not waste anymore time. 

Head out for a Hopster right now. 

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