Tipple of the week: Krak’n Pils

Krak’n Town’s Krak’n Pils is a light Czech Pilsner, as the name suggests. We’re cheating a bit including it as our weekly tipple, because it’s actually brewed just over the border, but the execution makes it worth a mention, and of course, it’s on tap at their excellent Budapest bar down in the VIII district.

As with most pilsners, Krak’n’s effort is light and fresh, and is a perfect summer evening weekday tipple. A little sweet and a little fruity, Krak’n Pils slides comfortably down the gullet, and has a consistent, mature taste, and its 5% alcohol content means you can keep them coming hour after hour.

It’s unfiltered, so it looks a bit IPA-esque, but don’t let that fool you, this is an easy-drinking pils, well worth a taste.