Tényleg Espresso Bar

Really? Photo: Tényleg Espresso Bar Facebook.

For advanced Hungarian learners and humor-minded people I would quote Kev Hart right here: REALLY?

Ok so just because the name says “Really Espresso Bar” it does not mean they only brew you plain strong black coffee.

Exactly the opposite if we have a look at the menü.

They have here a smooth Americano, fluffy Macchiato, Flat white and all kind of other brew creations.

What’s so cool about this place?

They have sandwiches, toasts, bakeries and cakes, fruit bowls and every other variety of a typical new wave cafe shop.

What makes them different, really?

It is live and vivid and colorful.

You walk into the shop and all you can see is sensational bauhaus colours in the Johannes Itten kinda variety.

Personal experience: the shop is quite small but the colors and furniture and atmosphere creates a balanced vibe so do not worry if you feel freaky about lively paint, here you are safe.

The place is also dog friendly and you can sit outside too.

Vegan twist: you can ask for plant based milk.

Tényleg Espresso Bar is located here Budapest, 39, Lónyay u., 1093 Hungary

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