Tipple of the week: Monyo Dead Rabbit

Two bottles of Dead Rabbit
Two bottles of Dead Rabbit

Monyo’s Dead Rabbit is a fruity Imperial IPA, which rewards a persistent drinker, if you can avoid being put off by the name.

The 9 and a bit per cent beer has a strong alcohol content, which gives it quite a distinct kick, making it something of an acquired taste. It’s definitely not an easy-drinking daytime summer terrace beer, but makes for an intriguing, if bitter, after-dinner Friday evening long drink.

As you take your first sip there’s a slight fruity, citrusy taste that hangs around the front of your mouth, while the back of your tongue is exposed to the bitterness. Given the difference between the feeling at the front of your mouth and the back, it’s a surprise how smoothly it goes down.

Get one or two of these in for the inevitable upcoming summer evening storms, and sit inside and watch the lightning.