Top Five: Budapest Vegan Spots

Vegan hits. Photo: Chole.

In the last few years, Vegan restaurants have blown–up all over Budapest. The local populace & us expats got fed up with eating a greasy, heavy diet that belonged in the 1960s along time ago.

There are now more vegan joints in the city than anyone could ever imagine.

Whether you fancy burgers, pasta, pizza or Mexican Pulse have you covered.

Our top five vegan spots await you below.

Ch–check it out.

Kozmosz vegan etterem

A plate of goodness. Photo: Happy Cow.

Looking like somewhere between an old kocsma that has seen it’s best days and hipster hovel, Koszmosz vegan etterm can be found at the often-overlooked Hyundai Square. The menu is simplicity itself. Quesadilla’s sit alongside penne all’arrabbiata & delicious chocolate vegan cake. My favorite? Well the babburger of course – it sounds like an old nursey rhyme, but this colossal burger made from soybeans is tasty, mouthwatering & ready to devour. Their coffee is delightful, for those wanting something stronger then palinka is an order away. The basement setting might be a little foreboding in the summer but no need to worry – they have aircon. It’s a little gloomy down here, however the food more than makes up for it.

Pulse Recommends: Babburger

The deets: Hunyadi tér 11, 1067 Hungary

Napfenyes Etterem

A chilled place. Photo: Napfenyes Facebook.

I headed out to this raved over joint around Easter and I gotta say, this place is impressive. With my vegan girlfriend in tow (she casts a more critical eye then I ever would), we booked ourselves an eleven o’clock table. Running late we were heartened to see that Napfenyes had kept our spot warm. What struck me about the place immediately upon arrival was how relaxed everyone was. The patrons all seemed to be having a great time. We swanned inside – passing a chilled deserts counter, before being showing to our seats. I ordered an magyaros style pizza. Back in my dark old meat-eating days, I used to demolish these by the boat load. I was curious to find out how it tasted. Well. Exactly as I had remembered. The gargantuan portions led to me throwing in the towel well before the pizza’s end. I asked the prissy waiter to box up the goods & send us on our way. What else should you try?Their Napfenyes platter for two is a bit special. Or, so I’ve heard. Since our Easter adventure, we’ve not been back. Not because we didn’t love it. Just because it’s a bit of a trek of us. It isn’t – this scorching weather is just energy sapping. When the sun relents we will be back. We can’t wait.

Pulse Recommends: The Magyaros pizza

The deets: Ferenciek tere 2, 1053 Hungary

Great Bistro

All the colours. Photo: Great Bistro Facebook.

Now, you’ll all remember my brilliant Great Bistro write up back in March. You don’t remember & you probably didn’t read it anyway? Not to worry – I am sure I’ve got your full attention now. This is perhaps my favourite Vegan place in the entire city. The food is an uncomplicated tasty fare. The service, ridiculously good. If you’ve lived in Hungary as long as I have, you will know why that’s important. As for what to eat here – I tend to pluck with the club sandwich, what with it’s fake bacon & fresh salad. It’s a winner every time. The lunch menu changes on a daily basis. As for negatives – I am not a huge fan of the décor. The less said about that the better. Just ignore it & set about your meal.

Pulse Recommends: The club sandwich

The deets: Bank u. 6, 1054 Hungary

Vegan Garden

Boxed vegan treats. Photo: Ellen Victoria, Budapest Pulse

Is it necessary to do this every time? Alright then. Full disclosure. My friend Marci owns Vegan Garden. More full disclosure. He has promised my untold riches to include VG on this list. I eagerly accepted. Ok, he didn’t really offer me anything. This is about the third time in a row I’ve used this joke. It never gets old. It got old three articles ago? I promise never to use it again. Let’s get onto Vegan Garden, shall we? Located in Budapest’s party zone, this gorgeous–looking oasis is a welcome diversion. They work like this – local vegan food trucks roll up & fill the space. You’ll find Vexicana , Las Vegans, Vegan Street & more all in attendance. So, whether you are in search of a sugar rush or a burger bigger than your head, they’ve got you covered.

Pulse Recommends: Chimichanga (from Vexicana)

The deets: Dob u. 40, 1072 Hungary

Istvanffi Burger

Vegan fast food. Photo: Happy Cow.

This little vegan burger spot is a short walk from my flat and I pop in whenever I get the chance. Now without sounding like a troll, the burgers at Istvanffi taste like they could be served in McDonald’s. Is that a bad thing? I guess that depends what side of the militant scale you come down on. For me every effort should be made to encourage people to move away from meat-based products. If that means serving up food that remind them of a ubiquitous fast food chain, then what’s the harm? Istvannfi offers ten different burgers, as well as salad, drinks and fries.

Pulse Recommends: Dupla D

The deets: Kiraly Pal Utca 20

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