Csendes Társ Review

Summer time. Photo: Csendes Társ

This gorgeous looking little spot, next to a tiny idyllic park is what makes Budapest so special. Chilled, fun & pretty damn cool. Yes the service could be slightly better (our waiter told us there was no ketchup before bringing some out another table). Despite this the food was bloody astounding. We had the vega burger. Made from zucchini & garnished with a mixed salad, I could not recommend it more. Maybe the burger could’ve been slightly cheaper but it was ever so tasty. The drinks list is fairly decent. They could do with a few craft beers. What they do have is reasonably priced. Soporni IPA, Krusovice & even Guinness is available. On our visit we made friends with an elderly American couple and their adorable pups. Csendes Társ is a great wee summer hiding place. So, grab a table in the shade & dig into your burger.