Tipple of the week: Hopfanatic Napolaj APA

A glass of sun block. Photo: By the author.

Napolaj APA – your cold, bitter sunscreen

If you google Napolaj beer , you will not find a prettier picture then this one below. (and not just because I took it but also because it is a fact).

As a wine lover it took me a glass of sauvignon blanc and 5 Foo Fighters songs to write a tipple about a beer. But as I am a serious and responsible booze enthusiast I am happy to take you there and show you why a bitter drink like this could be the tipple of the week and probably your next drink at the pub.

Well, first of all, it comes in the neatest glass. Ever. The glass in which I got served was just like a wine glass, it had the same parts; base, stem and bowl. So, I was actually happy that my hands would not get cold and wet from the damp like when you are holding a giant, really not elegant (but more practical) plain glass. I have 0 problems with glasses like that I am just a person who wants to enjoy a drink without hands turning into fish-like hands fish-hands which i gracefully and respectfully despise. But that’s another topic for another day my friends.

So if you are on a date and it happened to be in Budapest please walk up to the bar and double check what kind of glass you are getting poured this sharp drink. It’s just an advice for guys because if you have not experienced the hungarian compassion in service – it’s because it’s not existing (might be a slim exception and let’s show them some love of course)

So you get the girly or any desired glass. Whats next? The taste.

This APA gives you the typical features of a nice mixture of malts and hops. It is well balanced in this one, you just might have to taste it more then once to feel it. I mean how many times have you ever drank a beer named sunscreen?!

What I really liked about this Beer is that you get a very nice citrusy punch onto your taste buds, which comes quite handy in these hot summer days. At once but bitter.

Napolaj has 4% alc. and it is also a member of the precious “Project Series” of Hopfanatic. A small batch run from one of Hungary’s finest brewers.

Cheers ya’ll.

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