Netflix Most: Better Call Saul Season Four

Ice cold. Photo: Better call Saul.

A funny thing happened to me yesterday. Enjoying a holiday down in Balaton, I woke up around 7am – made a mad dash downstairs, flicking open my iPad in eager anticipation.

A few clicks later & I was scrolling through Netflix desperately seeking the opening episode of Better Call Saul season four.

To my horror – I found that said season wasn’t there yet & I had to wait one more day.

It had been almost a year since season three ended. Twenty four hours more wouldn’t kill me right? Wrong.

Whilst my pals in the UK fired over spoilers on WhatsApp (they have now all been blocked & unfriended), I hid myself in an darkened sweltering room in an attempt to avoid the inter web.

So, many questions were racing through my mind?

Before we get into that though.

If you’ve never seen Better Call then please stop reading now.

Spoilers lie below.

For those of you who have been living in The Salton Sea, Better Call Saul is a spin off of the incredible Breaking Bad.

We follow the metamorphosis of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) from an fairly skilled grifter into a criminal lawyer. ”You don’t want a criminal lawyer…you want a criminal lawyer”. Yo. Or something like that.

So, back to the questions.

Was Chuck deid? Did Jimmy have a mental breakdown? Can Nacho & Mike get away with putting Hector Salamanca in an wheelchair?

Of course not all these questions are answered in episode one.

Chuck though is very much dead. Truly an awful person, Chuck’s demise could not come quickly enough.

What’s that? He’s a fictional character? We know but he gets under your skin.

Jimmy and Kim are left to deal with funeral arrangements, whilst Mike infiltrates Madrigal’s security. Nacho sweats it out as he attempts to avoid detection after switching up Hector’s heart medication.

As always on BCS – it’s a slow start.

That’s what makes the show so brilliant.

It takes it’s time getting where it’s going – & despite (or perhaps because) the audience remains enthralled throughout.

Jimmy is slowly becoming the Saul we all know & love.

Oderkirk’s performance is terrific and he’s aptly supported by a great cast of character actors.

The only downside to rattling through episode one is I’ve got to wait another whole week before I get my next fix. Brutal.

Better Call Saul is available on Netflix Hungary now.

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