One Beer Review

Like a lot of the wee dive bars along the Korut , One Beer will be more than happy to serve you a flat sor for relative peanuts.

What sets this place apart from 4/6 & Stifler for example is One Beer is stocked to the rafters with high quality Hungarian craft brews. That may not seem like a lot but it makes a huge difference when deciding where to have a quiet drink alongside one of the cities busiest roads.

Now one beer might not look like much. It’s clearly been knocked up in about a week in a cynical bid to get customers in as quickly as possible.

I don’t mind that though. Well actually I do. I resisted stepping foot inside this joint, despite it being only a short skip & hop from my flat for a few months.

I finally relented after cottoning on to what beers they actually had available.

There will be those out there who would call me a beer snob. I guess the label is deserved.

Given the choice, I’d rather spend 1k on an memorable brew – rather than 300 huf on a headache inducing pint of fizzy lager.

One Beer offers Mad Scientist, Hopfanatic, Dimbo, Synthesis, Hara Punk, Yeast Side, Horizont, Balekzes, Monyo. The list is endless.

For those of you who don’t give a fuck about craft beer, then you can still treat yourself. Czech big boys Primator & Bernard are available on tap.

There is also a fairly decent non-alcoholic bottled German lager, Bitburger Drive.

Offering a small terrace, One Beer might not become your new favourite bar any time soon but it’s a solid spot that is well worth trying out.