Tipple of the week: Hello! My name is Sudan

A rhino charge. Photo: Csupor.

I promise not to keep you long. I am writing this piece on an blazing hot Friday night down by the lake. You’ll get to read it in the am & I am sure you can’t wait.

Now you all know here at the Pulse offices we adore the Csupor lads. They make an starry array of brews that really pop.

In fact those of you who were paying attention will remember this list. Csupor of course took pride of place.

So, let’s get into this thing.

Hello! I am Sudan is our tipple in question this week.

The Republic of Sudan is an country in North East Africa.

Hello!I am on the other hand is an Imperial IPA.

I ain’t gonna lie – at 8.2% this stuff can be pretty lethal.

That doesn’t matter though.

Hello! I am is quite simply majestic.

It pours a dull copper.

After the first sip you’ll be met, with an fierce bitterness.

The hops can be an little overpowering but not to worry.

It’s an great brew for true craft beer heads.

Have one on us.

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