Tipple of the week: First Craft Beer Co. Chocolate Vanilla Imperial Stout 8%

The Pulse offices didn’t really get behind the First Craft Beer Company revolution when they launched on Dob Street last year. (Check out out our review here).

Since then things have changed.

Sort of.

I am still of the opinion that First is vastly overpriced. I think there are much better craft brew spots in the city but First certainly offer something different.

The premises are always packed to the rafters so what do I really know anyway?

Now, we are not here to talk about whether I like or do not like First Craft Beer Co.

What we are here to discuss is this – their chocolate vanilla imperial stout.

It is of course our tipple of the week.

I first (see what I did there?) got my hands on this stuff down at the Balna.

After a night of complete havoc me & a couple of pals rolled up for a night cap.

I started out on the First IPA (still too mediocre for my taste) before swiftly moving onto the stout.

For me it’s the best beer this brewery have thrust upon us.

For lack of a better word – it’s absolutely delicious.

Hints of vanilla & bitter coca all merge together to create an unique stout.

Ultra-fine, subtle & sweet.

Think of it as a liquid chocolate cake.

That may not appeal to everyone but it does to me.

On tap, uveg or can.

Pure indulgence awaits you with this one.

Go on – dig in.

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