Top Five: Best Budapest Terraces

The endless summer. Photo: Getty images.

I feel it in the air – the summers out of reach. Empty lake.Empty streets. The sun goes down alone.

Ok, enough with the Don Henley.

Pulse are very sorry.

We are a little late with this one.

Mid August might not be the ideal time to be talking up Budapest´s top terraces but hey we gotta do this right?

There is still a month or so left of blazing sunshine.

At least we hope there is.

So, dust off your shorts & t-shirt.

Pulse ain´t ready to let the summer go just yet.

Have a gander at our list of Budapest´s best terraces.


A jumping spot. Photo: Pontoon.

A short walk from Deak, Pontoon is easily one of Budapest´s most popular summer bars. Teeming with tourists, expats & locals it´s a great spot to grab a seat by the river & stare up at the inky black sky & the bonny castle. I love to take first time visitors down here & watch their jaws drop in awe. Not many cities can offer such an supernacular bar -at least not where I´m fae. Pontoon may not be cheap – (1100 Huf for a Soproni IPA anyone?) but those stunning views are worth being broke in the morning.

Pulse Recommends: Downing a few whiskey Sours

The deets: Antall József rakpart 1. 1051

Valyo Kikoto

Songs from the big chair. Photo: Valyo Kikötő Facebook.

Pulse were one of the first expat mags to cover this place (check our review here) & we´ve been coming back ever since. Opening it´s imignary doors to the public earlier in the summer, Valyo has quickly become something of an Budapest sensation. From live music to hosting art installations – Valyo is more Berlin than BP. What´s more they serve up cheap beers, wines, spirits & bitter as hell lemonades for the invalids like myself. If you fancy cooking up a storm, just ask. Bring your own food for an improptu bbq & they´ll be more than happy to accomdate ya. A hipster hangout where you´ll wish you can be like the cool kids.

Pulse Recommends:Hitting up the dancefloor for a live dj set

The deets:Hajóállomás utca 1.1095


A riverside beer. Photo: Jonas.

We´ve been meaning to write about Jonas for quite some time. This craft brew haven sits at the Balna inbetween Petfoi & Liberty bridges. The Balna has quite a few top notch bars, but Jonas is our favourite. Why? Well the selection of beers on tap are incredible. Not many locales offer you the chance to sip an 99 Flakes IPA as you watch the lazy Danube. Tuning Burger is in the house to take care of all you hungry travelers. If you get bored of Jonas – First Craft has a beer van out front.

Pulse Recommends: Drinking reketye Brewing Co. Dark Lager

The deets: Fővám tér 11, 1093

Naps Bacsi

Waterboys. Photo:

Easily our favourite bar out at Romai, Nap Bacsi is an cracking little spot. On summer days I like to take a slow cycle out here, park up my bike & grab one of Bacsi´s cool wee deck chairs on wheels.There is an artificial beach & a super chilled atmosphere. Pulse will miss this spot once they pack up at summers end. Get our there whilst there is still time.

Pulse Recommends: Sipping on a mango bay

The deets: Kossuth Lajos üdülőpart 7, 1039


Despite A38 being about ten minutes from my house, I don´t get down here enough. Why that is, I´ll never know. I just don´t take the time. Saying that though, I absoutely adore this ship. I´ve had some unforgettable nights there. Last summer my DJ collective, The Joy Division opened for the Dutch band Chef´s Special here. We had a blast. I interviewed The Subways backstage many moons ago for an publication I used to write for. My most recent trip to the boat was to see Canada´s finest, Japandroids. The A38 is 15 this year & it shows no signs of letting up. If you fancy a quick drink, a great lunch or just to catch some of the coolest bands in the World then this is the place for you.

Pulse Recommends: Checking out the lick the click! sunburst party held every Saturday

The deets: Petőfi híd, 1117

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