Gólya Presszó Review

A great night out. Photo: Facebook

When I first moved to Hungary eleven years ago, bars like Golya (the stork) were the rule & not the exception.

These days things are very different.

The secret is now out regarding Budapest & as more expats, tourists & students come into this wonderful city these traditional spots are becoming increasingly rare.

Now I am not going to lie.

I didn´t even realize Golya existed.

I’ve lived in the dreaded eighth district for about seven months & I´d never ventured further than Lidil at Corvin Plaza to get my weekly shop.

Little did I know that a few yards further on I would find an incredible watering hole.

Golya is pretty much unlike any establishment still standing in Budapest today.

This place is a collective (not for profit) & it sure does get you reminiscing.

The bar may look like it´s about to fall down but that just adds to the adventure.

Live music, a good sized court yard & fascinating relics of Budapest past awaits.

Sadly Golya is being forced out by developers & they will need to find a new home in the very near future.

There is still time to give them your support. Head on over to the 8th, grab a beer, cocktail or some tasty  food.

The prices are very much Budapest 2007.

What more could you want?

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