KEG sörművház Review

kegsormuvhaz. Photo: Facebook.

Honest truth here.

I was pretty damn excited about hitting up this bar.

With 32 beers on tap, there is nothing quite like it in Hungary.

The Buda side has been starved of quality craft brew joints. I was happy to hear of this place.

After a short walk from Gellert Hill Tram stop, I dove down a steep flight of stairs and into a basement bar.

The first thing you will notice about this place is how modern it is – there are clean edges and cool stone brick work.

The taps are lined up in perfect, eye catching symmetry.

That is in it self a bit of a problem.

The place is almost sterile.

My friends and I likened it to a museum.

Kegsormuvhaz is definitely not going to win any prizes for atmosphere. I went on a Friday night. I was expecting fireworks.

Let’s get onto what’s really important.

The beers.

Well as I mentioned before they have 32 on tap.

Their electronic beer list imitates an airport departures & arrival board – a cool little touch.

 The selection is huge but offers more disappointment. 

 With 32 beers on tap comes a unique challenge.

You’ve got to find 32 cracking brews that get the juices flowing.

 For me falls down on that front.

 This isn’t a dig but there are too many Hungarian beers.

I love them but that market has already been cornered by the excellent Eleszto.

What international brews they did have were a little uninspring although I will say it was a pleasant surprise to find the Czech master, Matuska here.

Stone Brewing is also available.

Which is nice. 

However this is place aims for Brooklyn hipster chic & misses by miles.

My companions on the night (two craft beer heads) were equally unimpressed.

won’t be rushing back.

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