Tipple of the week: Jura Superstition

With Budapest’s annual Whisky Show just around the corner in this weeks tipple we turn our attention to the brown stuff.

The Whisky in question is of course Isle of Jura Superstition.

In my 35 (rapidly approaching 36, please send my gifts to the Pulse offices) years on this planet, I’ve savored many a superb malt.

Last October at The Whisky Show I got my hands on a 33 year old glass of the good stuff. That was cracking.

Still ‐ my favourite Whisky of all time is Superstition.

There is just something that sets this marvel apart.

Frankly I love the whole history of Jura.

The distillery & the island.

Legend has it, a very drunk & very depressed George Orwell wrote 1984 on Jura.  I would imagine he downed several bottles of the Island’s finest before completing his nightmarish vision of the future.

Whether that is true or not is up for debate.

What no one can dispute is The Jura Distillery have been churning out top class Scotch (apologizes for using that word) since 1810. 

Superstition is the best they have to offer.

A single malt aged for 16 years in ex‐ Bourbon casks.

For me it’s a whisky for people who don’t really like whisky.

What I mean by that is ‐ it is so, so drinkable.

A little hint of peat quickly disappears as an spicy smooth honey taste then takes over.

There is no bitterness with this one.

Instead what you will find is an perfectly balanced malt that will go down easier than you’ll believe.

Each bottle comes in at an easy going 43%.

A casual whisky drinkers dream ‐  Isle of Jura Superstition should be your new night cap of choice.


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