Pizzica Review

By the slice. Photo: Facebook.

These days in Budapest pretty much every restaurant seems to be calling themselves a street food spot. It’s hard to separate the guff from the genuine.

  You’ll be glad to know – this place is the real deal.

Pizzica is a hip little joint where the trendy staff will serve you a hot slice as they listen to 80s indie pop staples such as Joy Division & The Smiths.

Not only do these guys know their music, the food is out of this world.  

Roman style pizza that comes in square slices is the order of the day. 

Run by two real Italians (is there such thing as a fake Italian), I always have a good time & good grub when I hit up this place. 

Opened into the wee hours –  Pizzica offers perfect fuel to get you to the next bar or to your bed.

There are pizzas for carnivores & veggies. I’ve not seen a vegan slice there yet but I am sure they have them. 

For me it’s the finest pizza in the city. 

Thick but delicious dough baked to perfection & generously suffocated with the freshest toppings.

Wash it all down with a local craft beer or two. 

A pizza place for grown ups. That will be why they never serve me.   

Go to: 

Nagymező u. 21, 1065