Tipple of the week: Monyo Schatzi

Hits the wheat spot. Photo: Monyo.

Monyo’s Schatzi is a no nonsense Bavarian wheat beer.

Inside and out, up and down, it is simply a classic Bavarian wheat. It does, however, possess a sweet twist and the bottle is named suitably.

Being a whatever-is-the-cheapest-lager-going-please kinda guy, this particular offering took me by surprise.

A good, small step into the world of craft beer for any novice and a recommended one. For all, novices to craft connoisseurs.

At 6.1%, a few bottles of this dark brew will be enough to get the proverbial boat rocking.

It pours a deep misty golden fluid which eventually reveals a white cloudy head.

With a light honey sweetness and an appropriately bitter aftertaste, it is a visually stimulating beer and an even better tasting one.

I, for one, will be soliciting this sör in the not too distant future.

All schatzi’s can join.