Kék Ló Review

Hip & happening. Photo: Kék Ló Facebook.

Kék Ló (the blue horse) is probably about the coolest bar you’ll see in the city.  

Situated in the Budapest ghetto this is a really happening spot that attracts the locals in droves. 

Don’t let the dilapidated looking interior put you off the blue horse is a class little pub. 

As the party district becomes less interesting every day, more & more of us are coveting something quirky & idiosyncratic.  

To get our fix (& to leave the stag groups behind) – many people are heading to the eighth district.  

The hippest & most relevant watering holes can be found here.

Kék Ló is leading the way in the areas resurgence.

  Local wines, spirits, beers & soft drinks can be snapped up from the bar.

The heart of their incredible kitchen is mouth-watering vegan & vegetarian dishes.  

Head upstairs & you’ll find a stunning little fashion boutique where they specialize in upcycling clothes.  

Everything about the place screams especial & unpretentious.  

Your journey to the eighth also comes with an element of (kiddie on) danger.  

That always adds to the fun. 

Time to venture off the beaten path. 

You won’t be disappointed.